Thank You, FourFourTwo!

There’s one thing that I don’t like from my resume: the fact that I never work three years straight in one job.

It makes me look like a man who’s not loyal to his job. Of course it’s not true. Instead, it’s the opposite: I rejected two jobs with bigger salary (and even a chance to work abroad) to stay with Bolatotal. I declined an opportunity to have another full-time job besides FourFourTwo, a chance to earn more money. When I like a job, I tend to give everything, including my full focus on it. That’s what I feel at Bolatotal, and recently, at FourFourTwo.

I always felt that I will stay long at my last two full-time jobs, but unfortunately, I failed.

At Bolatotal, I failed because of the mismanagement in the company, but also because of my inexperience as an Editor. I failed because my idealism made me unable to think about page views and other statistics that I should understand and focus on.

At FourFourTwo, it’s different. I understand what I need to do, and I have Tio who has more experience than me to made us met our targets. I believe we did an excellent job, to achieve the goals and to make our name more popular in Indonesia. It’s really fun to work at FourFourTwo, and that’s why I chose to entirely focus on my job and not taking another full-time job even though I could.

I believed that I would stay for a long time at FourFourTwo, and finally working more than three years at one place. I was wrong.

Today will not only my last day at FourFourTwo, but also the last day for FourFourTwo Indonesia (and Southeast Asia) team. Unfortunately, Haymarket decided to sold FourFourTwo brand to other publishing company, and the new owner decided to change things up for Southeast Asia. I don’t know what will happen next, whether they will keep the brand (and the team) in Indonesian market or not. But for now, it’s over for me and the team.

It’s a sad thing, really, and with what we’ve done over the previous two years, it’s quite unexpected. We have a brilliant team here in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and even though I only met them once or twice in my whole time with FFT, it was really fun to work with them. We worked hard to raise the bar, and we did it brilliantly.

They are not only colleagues, but also have become my friends, and I will never forget how they spent their time and money to fly to Jakarta just to come to my wedding.

Sadly, now it’s time to move on. Thank you, FourFourTwo. It’s an honor to work for you!



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